BEST dog ever, he had epilepsy and took daily medicine but lived a long happy healthy great dog life. Going forward, we will walk you through the adoption process, where every question or concern you have will be answered immediately. The English Lab typically is shorter, more heavyset, and stockier with a shorter muzzle and more classical lines. As we briefly mentioned, the two ways this can happen are either with a very pale yellow coat, or if you get an albino Lab. We breed the white Labrador with the intention of maintaining the Labrador Standard; producing puppies that can compete in the show ring or become a families beautiful and loving pet. Welcome and thanks for stopping by to learn about the English Labradors and puppies we offer. Also Purina / Petigree are the best of dog foods to get for dog that has nutrition. if you have any available puppies available or could recommend anyone, It would be most helpful.regards, Molly, We just got a yellow lab mix puppy and he’s almost completely white! They love to play, run, take walks,and if you are lucky, take a bath. pink nose and mouth indicates your dog is also a dudley lab which i believe is not a problem. He’s super easy to train (except for loose-leash walking, which we’re working on) and is besties with every dog and human he meets. Instead, we want to quench their curiosity by offering plenty of time to exercise, play, and socialize with each other. Some critical factors in an authentic English Labrador body style include a shorter body with a stockier build, thick and straight tail, wider block-like heads, thick fur, full face, and a shorter muzzle. Could you please advise where can we find labradors in UK.We have tried Champdogs, but the list goes reserve as soon as we apply. He might take a little longer to mature than his working bred cousins and may have less of a hyped up drive to retrieve or run around all day. White English Labradors. shes 1 month and 16 days old. We live in a beautiful country setting with lakes and rivers nearby. That’s why we take such enjoyment in breeding excellent pedigrees like English Labrador puppies, which are traditionally known to have a calmer temperament compared to their American counterparts. Griffinsburg English Labradors. She weighs about 55 pounds with stocky neck and head. They’ll figure out quickly that they are hurting you. At night, the puppies rest in large heated or cooled kennels with their siblings to prepare for another day of exploration and playtime. At Snowy Pines White Labs, you can bring home your new companion for life within weeks. White Labs and fox red Labs are both classified as yellow Labs. My puppies are born out of top-notch pedigrees with genetics performing in showing/hunting backgrounds. Classically, English Labs are primarily produced as show dogs (very blocky features), whereas the American Labs are bred to be working dogs. I have a off white Labrador of 5 months , his ears colors are now changing into light yellow color….. Would be that albino.. The answer to this question is yes! CONTACT US TODAY to set up a time that you can visit our facility, where our puppies are treated like family and roam freely across our property in the Ozarks. At least 2 years. Home; PAST PUPPIES ; MY BOYS; My Girls; CURRENT LITTERS [email protected] PROUDLY OWNED BY A VETERAN'S WIFE : WELCOME TO SUGARLAND LABRADORS. In comparison with the working type, they are quite silly and little difficult to train. I have a yellow Labrador puppy of 12 weeks. Reply . First make sure that all of the other boxes are ticked, and that you are happy with your breeder. We named him Dexter (right hand), and though he loves to be loved by all of us, he especially loves Tony, his companion or “cuddle-buddy”. Our Polar Bear white English Labradors have outstanding pedigrees. Easily request your English Labrador puppy and reserve your next furry family member. Perhaps I am expecting too much from her.