All styled with Regal Gentleman Matte Clay, (Related: How to use hair clay - The ultimate guide to mens clay). Hair paste Usually thicker in consistency than pomades and clay, hair paste is one of the most versatile styling products out of the lot. Both pomades and pastes can be used for curly hair with good effect. Paste: There isn’t really a clear definition of ‘hair paste’ but they all have similarities when it comes to the look and feel of them. Try Layrite … Any short to medium length hairstyle that needs to have plenty of texture and a messier look with a matte finish. • For spiky hair, wax is better than pomade. Although this is great for producing a “set it and forget it” type of hold, it’s not good for restyling purposes. Dont be afraid to try new products. Hard to wash out. This means that it is the main ingredient used in the product. Pastes are usually water-based but not always. Think the Tom Hardy Taboo haircut - something with a real wet look to it. Check out our comparison among hair gel, pomade, mousse and wax to see the styling product that will suit you best. Pastes are only water-based. Unlike waxes and pomades, gels actually harden on the hair leaving a stiff feeling and a shiny, wet look. The volume you build will be lighter and airier than the volume you’d build with a pomade. Their hair products are some of their most popular offerings. Some hair products are harder to define than others. We can all admit that taking a walk down the aisle of hair care products at your local store can be overwhelming, to say the least.. With tons of brands, products, and variations of different products it can almost seem impossible to make a decision on which is best. Do you choose a hair pomade, clay, paste, gel, wax or one of the many others for your hair? Some products give a matte finish while others provide a cool sheen. But don't worry if you are worried about your product being water soluble, as there is another option for you and that's the water based pomade. Clay is a relatively new one on the market, but has become a common product for men to use for more modern hairstyles. But it can be done and the volume you build will have gloss, shape, and great definition. But overall, you can expect a paste to feel creamier than a pomade. Nourishes the hair and scalp as it is rich in minerals, Has natural healing properties and can promote hair growth. Pomades can be used on short hair but this may be too heavy and shiny, and so might reveal too much of the scalp if the hair isn’t thick enough. Medium to high hold. Ingredients - what does the product contain as its main ingredients? Clay = Lower hold, matte finish, reworkable, adds texture & volume. Finding the right hair product for you can feel like a nightmare, and understandably so with so much choice of hair styling products for men available. It makes comparing them and choosing the “right” product for your particular hair tough at times. David Beckham's new haircut and the new Thor haircut. What I’ve done is compared these two types of products by looking at different features that may lead you to choose one over the other. It’ll take work – blow-drying, brushing, etc. Hair pastes are probably the most versatile men’s hair products and can be used for practically any hairstyle.They are usually water-based – so washing them out is easy. Focus more on the thickness and length of your hair, as well as the key differences I listed earlier. Look for clays, like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay, if you want textured, matte finish hairstyles with a lower reworkable hold and look for pastes if you want a versatile hair product that can pretty much manage any hairstyle with a low to medium shine. Even with this, hair gel still has it's place for those of you that want a wet look to your hair and at a much cheaper price as we know some of you don't want to or can't afford to fork out for hair products and just want something quick and easy. Can dry hard & stiff or lose hold in hotter weather. But as great as the shine and hold is with an oil based pomade, there's one massive drawback - it's hard to wash out of your hair. by wet-combing). Avoid if have thinning hair. Pomades and pastes often include very similar ingredients but usually in very different quantities. There are even matte pomades being released, but we'll get onto why that could be confusing for you in a second. Water-based pomades will be the easiest to apply and distribute, simply because of their gel-like consistency. Pastes should also break down quite easily given their creaminess, but the heavier the waxy ingredients or clay minerals are, the more work it’ll be to break down. Wax would usually give you a low to medium hold with a medium shine, however it's always advisable to use sparingly as waxes can often give an ultra greasy look if overused. Such is the versatility of hair pastes. Not for your smart slicked styles like slick backs and side partings. Think the matte side parting or pompadour. A lot of brands and people seem to use pomade to define any product that can be used to style the hair, and we're also seeing a lot of products being launched like "clay pomades" and "wax pomades" which aren't really hybrids, they are just clays or waxes. The hair paste will typically give a low to medium shine and offers a medium to strong hold. Oil-based pomades usually have petroleum, petrolatum, beeswax, or paraffin as their core ingredient. Pastes are better for hair that’s thin, short-to-medium in length, or for adding texture, layering, and a matte finish. Not sure what Groom and Clean would be labeled as (water based pomade? Water based pomades were designed to bring the look and feel of an oil based pomade, but while also being water soluble allowing you to wash it out of your hair easily. Pomade vs Wax • Wax is mostly wax while pomade has many ingredients of which wax is one. Given the typical creaminess of pastes, they should distribute smoothly. And if you have thicker hair then really you can go for whatever you want, but your hair is likely harder to hold, so you probably want something with a stronger hold to it! Wondering for the best hair product for men today? Water based pomade = Medium to high shine, high hold, easily washable. Water-based pomades are more gel-like, while oil-based pomades feel waxier, tougher, and stickier. Pastes that do include relatively large proportions of wax-like substances can be harder to wash out than those with lower proportions. You can build texture by using brushing, combing, and heat. The matte or low shine finish of pastes is ideal for more modern and textured hairstyles where shine is less important and less desired. You’re about to learn everything you... Hi, I’m Dilshan. Traditional pomades were always oil based, which means that the main ingredient is an oil. Use sparingly - can give an ultra greasy look. 3. Having said that, pastes can give you less texture and more definition if this is what you’d prefer. Pomade Vs Paste. Although certain companies simply use different product names for marketing purposes, there are in fact variations. The hair clay is a lot more simple to define than the pomade because it contains clay. The water evaporates and you’re left with a stiffness to your hair, similar to what you’d expect with a gel. Pomades are best suited to hair that’s medium-to-long in length. Mousse vs. Wax for Men. Your classics. Oil based pomades = High shine, high hold. A men's grooming obsessive looking to elevate your grooming regimen one article at a time. But you can also choose not to. For short to medium length hairstyles. You get pastes ranging from low hold to heavy hold, and you also get pomades ranging from low hold to heavy hold. Lighter ones won’t be as difficult, however. Salt spray is a versatile hair styling product that can be used on almost any hairstyle that requires a matte finish with added texture and volume. Try not to get bogged down in names and look for the properties of the products and the styles they can achieve instead. And a lot of the time it was a bad experience, it left our hair crispy and we overloaded the front of our hair with too much product. Everyone's hair and expectation in a product is different. Since 1925, Murray’s Pomade has been providing shine and hold to the hair of men from all walks of life. Hair paste is a go-to, everyday styling product that will slightly add shine, texture, and depth to men with short and medium length hair. Hair paste products are perfect for anything and everything. If you have thinning hair then we'd suggest using lighter products and going for more textured, messy hairstyles so throw away the pomades and gels and look towards clays and pastes. Hair pastes work best with fine or thin hair and can also be used on wavy hair. Crops, textured quiffs and crew cuts. Hair gel will give you a high hold with a high shine, but just be careful of your hair looking too shiny and also be doing too stiff, which a lot of gels can make your hair once they dry. Gel was popular in the ‘90s, but alongside New Kids on the Block, it has since faded in its appeal. Hair Gel vs. Pomade vs. Be aware of hair drying out & looking too stiff. We'll be trying to focus more on showing you in action the styles it can achieve, the type of hair it can work on and the look it gives, rather than bogging you down with confusing names. Speaking more practically, hair that’s long enough to slick to the side or to the back, but not so long that it struggles to stay in place. For a slicked back look, apply to wet hair and style as desired. To dig a bit deeper into that, it's good for you to know that there are two categories of pomade and they are -. These are also easier to wash out. Plus, pastes that include clay mineral ingredients like kaolin and bentonite will make the hair itself look plumper and fuller. A good water based pomade will typically have a medium to high shine and give you a high hold without overly drying out. As always, you may find that you like certain features of one product and certain features of the other. If you have no options and are still set on a hair gel then these can be used for almost any style with a bit of shine. Pastes, on the other hand, are better for those messier, more tousled, textured, and layered hairstyles that usually go hand-in-hand with a matte or low shine finish. Typically clay will give you a matte, natural looking finish with a medium hold. So if you ever see a "clay" on the market that doesn't contain a clay ingredient high up in the ingredients (typically bentonite, kaolin or any combination of these)  then it's not really a clay! Pomades are better suited to men with hair that’s medium-to-high in thickness, while pastes are a better option for men with thin or fine hair. 1. Pomade type of a hair product is packed with nutrients for nourishment from within. Typically, a hair pomade is a product that gives a medium to high shine and a medium to strong hold. Hair pastes are generally water-based so they are easy to wash out. In general, pomades are pretty easy to define. Different types of pastes can vary in consistency, but in their thicker forms, some warming is required prior to application. A lot of products nowadays have taken natural waxes like beeswax and lanolin, which have a lot of benefits for the hair and used them in a wide variety of products like pomades, pastes and clays to create hybrid products. Our products were developed over a ten year period by professionals in the trade, determined to create a unique and compact styling range. Well the 3 most common hair styling products for men in 2018 will be pomade, paste and clay. It has the creaminess and smoothness of a traditional styling cream, plus either the waxiness and stickiness of a hair wax/oil-based pomade or the grit of a clay. Pomades can either be water-based or oil-based. This is because pomades can make thin or fine hair look even thinner, while pastes will often add fullness and volume. As always, I split “hair types” into three categories; thickness, length, and straightness. Paste: When applied to damp, towel-dried hair, paste will dry with a minimal sheen and a flexible hold. Layrite Original Pomade. 4. Matte paste vs clays. They reach for the pomade when they want some gloss, some shine, and a more formal and defined look. Pastes produce more texture in the hair than pomades do. Pomades will add definition and gloss to the curls, while pastes will add layering and texture to the curls. The 9mm Haircut: Guard, Length, Trim Guide [With Photos]. Invented by C.D. It’ll just look like it has more lift. Most pastes are water-based and so will wash out of the hair easily, with or without shampoo. Hair styling pastes typically have a consistency ranging from a thick paste to a tacky glue with a medium to very firm hold. Pastes are better for hair that’s thin, short-to-medium in length, or for adding texture, layering, and a matte finish. We welcome you as part of the Regal Family. Oil-based pomades can be notoriously tricky to apply if they’re especially heavy and waxy. With particularly heavy ones, you may even need some heat (eg. Hair wax = Low to medium hold, medium to high shine. In general hair pastes are a bit thicker in consistency than pomades, and their consistency and texture can range from something like a thick toothpaste to tacky glue. To get the ultra high shine look that a traditional hair pomade would achieve, it needs to use a lot of oil and this is near impossible to get out without using shampoo. Pomade was initially made out of bear grease, and later, in the ‘50s, petroleum was their main ingredient. Shine - how much shine does the product give to the hair? From matt paste and clay, to pomade, texture dust and much more, we offer hair products to suit every style. Hairspray is best used when paired with a low to medium hold styling product to help you get some added hold, especially before a night out when you want your hair in place for a long period of time. They can be chunky, tough, and sticky, and so can tug and pull when applied if they’re not properly broken down first. Here’s a quick summary table of the key takeaway points. POMADES: While not necessarily “grease,” pomades make your hair have a high-gloss sheen. Texture dust = Ultra matte finish. This is personally something we've experienced with the creation of the Regal Gentleman range as often a product can have amazing performance but not wash out easily or washes out easily and dries out in the hair making it stiff and hard. Paste – Medium Hold & Medium Shine. The products are so different that you’ll probably prefer one over the other but will then have the benefit of seeing for yourself. 10/10" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, Josh G. Review on Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. Pastes are traditionally most used for short-to-medium length hair, where spiking, layering, or adding texture is what’s looked for. Hair Paste and Hair Clay. You can spot a water based pomade by looking at the ingredients and seeing if the first ingredient in the list is water or aqua. If you have thinning hair, look towards lighter products like creams, clays and pastes, don't for anything too heavy like high hold pomades and gels. As you can see, the consistency of both pomades and pastes depends heavily on their ingredients. Pomade vs Cream – cream has probably the least significant influence on your hair out of all the products. Water-based pomades are exactly the same – they’re water-soluble and rinse out with ease. If you still aren’t sure, try them both out. But the two that you will almost certainly care about knowing about most when choosing a hair styling product are hold strength and shine, as these are the two that will most affect your style. Because of this, pastes are often used for more modern and layered hairstyles, while pomades are better for producing more definition with less texture and more gloss. A product like the Regal Gentleman Salt Spray can be used on short to long length hairstyles. There are basically 3 main types of hair products: gel, wax… While pomades work best for only a few types of hair textures and styles. Or, if you use a truly shiny pomade, it makes your hair look wet. Water-based pomades will emulsify (break down) very easily and smoothly in between your palms, just like a gel would. If you want a high shine and high hold for a classic look, but are not worried about washability then you should probably go for oil based.