genus... 3. 23 synonyms of decoration from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 57 related words, definitions, and antonyms. First, the seed is extracted from cones harvested from older trees. The Christmas tree by Winslow Homer, 1858, Illustration for Harper's Bazaar, published 1 January 1870, Christmas tree depicted as Christmas card by Prang & Co. (Boston) 1880. In the 19th century, the Christmas tree was taken to be an expression of German culture and of Gemütlichkeit, especially among emigrants overseas. It is made from Caroline's[47] description of those she saw in Germany". Synonyms The Fraser Fir Tree. In her journal for Christmas Eve 1832, the delighted 13-year-old princess wrote:[43]. Let’snow get to the “Down” section starting at the top – Another word for a show where a band plays music: Concert. Caroline Augusta Edgcumbe, née Feilding, Lady Mt Edgcumbe (1808–1881); William Henry Fox-Talbot's half-sister. Silvered saran-based tinsel was introduced later. Noble fir is yet another one of the more popular Christmas trees and can grow up to 230 feet tall. [148] In 2004, Pope John Paul called the Christmas tree a symbol of Christ. Another wicker tree collar; this one with a 60cm base diameter making it good for large trees. The image was reprinted in 1860, and by the 1870s, putting up a Christmas tree had become even more common in America. At the time of the personal union with Hanover, George III's German-born wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, introduced a Christmas tree at a party she gave for children in 1800. A Bremen guild chronicle of 1570 reports that a small tree decorated with "apples, nuts, dates, pretzels, and paper flowers" was erected in the guild-house for the benefit of the guild members' children, who collected the dainties on Christmas Day. A bright light that shines on the band from above: Spotlight. [74][146] In 1935, the tree was brought back as New Year tree and became a secular, not a religious holiday. [118] Most modern artificial Christmas trees are made from plastic recycled from used packaging materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In fewer than ten years their use in better-off homes was widespread. Lwów, 1878, str. But if planted out in the garden, Christmas trees can get very large, reaching a height of about 15-20m (50-65ft) in twenty years, and possible eventual heights of about 40m (130ft). "[24], During the Roman mid-winter festival of Saturnalia, houses were decorated with wreaths of evergreen plants, along with other antecedent customs now associated with Christmas. [25], The Vikings and Saxons worshiped trees. Resistance to the custom was often because of its supposed Lutheran origins. A famous snowman.7. [10][11], The Christmas tree is sometimes compared with the "Yule-tree", especially in discussions of its folkloric origins. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, A large Christmas tree front of the Turku Cathedral in Turku (Finland), 2009, Christmas tree on the Römerberg in Frankfurt (2008). [127], Live trees are typically grown as a crop and replanted in rotation after cutting, often providing suitable habitat for wildlife. [81] In some cases the trees represent special commemorative gifts, such as in Trafalgar Square in London, where the City of Oslo, Norway presents a tree to the people of London as a token of appreciation for the British support of Norwegian resistance during the Second World War; in Boston, where the tree is a gift from the province of Nova Scotia, in thanks for rapid deployment of supplies and rescuers to the 1917 ammunition ship explosion that leveled the city of Halifax; and in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the main civic Christmas tree is an annual gift from the city of Bergen, in thanks for the part played by soldiers from Newcastle in liberating Bergen from Nazi occupation. [28] These pale-colored ornaments differ in height from 20 cm (7.9 in) to 3 meters (9.8 feet). What is another name for a Christmas tree? A tree-topper, sometimes an angel but more frequently a star, completes the decoration. One can buy a Christmas tree at a local retailer once a year when tree growers ship their inventory. As a result, it remained confined to the upper Rhineland for a relatively long period of time. [citation needed] Special Christmas supplement edition, published 23 December 1848. All Rights Reserved. Hemlock species are generally considered unsuitable as Christmas trees due to their poor needle retention and inability to support the weight of lights and ornaments. In such plays, a tree decorated with apples (to represent the forbidden fruit) and wafers (to represent the Eucharist and redemption) was used as a setting for the play. One of the most intelligent traffickers has been Chapo, his son is not the brightest star on the Christmas tree. The first image of a Christmas tree was published in 1836 as the frontispiece to The Stranger's Gift by Hermann Bokum. Aluminum Christmas trees were popular during the early 1960s in the US. The Poor Children's Yuletide Association. The remaining development of the tree greatly depends on the climate, soil quality, as well as the cultivation and how the trees are tended by the Christmas tree farmer. In France, the first Christmas tree was introduced in 1840 by the duchesse d'Orléans. [99][100] According to the first tradition, those who fail to remember to remove their Christmas decorations on Epiphany Eve must leave them untouched until Candlemas, the second opportunity to remove them; failure to observe this custom is considered inauspicious.[101][102]. Georgians have their own traditional Christmas tree called Chichilaki, made from dried up hazelnut or walnut branches that are shaped to form a small coniferous tree. After the signing of the Armistice in 1918 the city of Manchester sent a tree, and £500 to buy chocolate and cakes, for the children of the much-bombarded town of Lille in northern France. Go here to see more name ideas and find out the formula for choosing the perfect business name. [68] Other accounts credit Charles Follen, a German immigrant to Boston, for being the first to introduce to America the custom of decorating a Christmas tree. There were home flocking kits that could be used with vacuum cleaners. In the late 1800s, home-made white Christmas trees were made by wrapping strips of cotton batting around leafless branches creating the appearance of a snow-laden tree. Kaldea. Synonyms for tree include bush, sapling, shrub, conifer, evergreen, seedling, timber, hardwood, softwood and stock. In Livonia (present-day Estonia and Latvia), in 1441, 1442, 1510, and 1514, the Brotherhood of Blackheads erected a tree for the holidays in their guild houses in Reval (now Tallinn) and Riga. [7][142] Professor David Albert Jones of the University of Oxford writes that in the 19th century, it became popular for people to also use an angel to top the Christmas tree in order to symbolize the angels mentioned in the accounts of the Nativity of Jesus.[8]. "GERMAN CHRISTMAS TREES. Although at first disapproved of by some as out of place at the centre of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican Christmas Tree has become an integral part of the Vatican Christmas celebrations,[147] and in 2005 Pope Benedict XVI spoke of it as part of the normal Christmas decorations in Catholic homes. This tradition persists after the fall of the USSR, with the New Year holiday outweighing the Christmas (7 January) for a wide majority of Russian people. [145] With the Christmas tree being prohibited in accordance with Soviet anti-religious legislation, people supplanted the former Christmas custom with New Year's trees. [9], In the Western Christian tradition, Christmas trees are variously erected on days such as the first day of Advent or even as late as Christmas Eve depending on the country;[10] customs of the same faith hold that the two traditional days when Christmas decorations, such as the Christmas tree, are removed are Twelfth Night and, if they are not taken down on that day, Candlemas, the latter of which ends the Christmas-Epiphany season in some denominations. After all, this is the time of year when seemingly everyone is crushed for time. [139][140] In the United States, these "German Lutherans brought the decorated Christmas tree with them; the Moravians put lighted candles on those trees. evergreen, or Tannenbaum (German: fir tree) 2 0. maez. If viewed in a Christian context, the tree topper usually signifies the Christmas Star (Star of Bethlehem) or angelic hosts which proclaimed the news of the birth of Jesus to the world on the eve of his birth. [15][16][17], The earliest known firmly dated representation of a Christmas tree is on the keystone sculpture of a private home in Turckheim, Alsace (then part of Germany, today France), with the date 1576. A: Having so many limbs and not being able to walk. Antonyms for Christmas ornament. (Plants) an evergreen tree or an imitation of one, decorated as part of Christmas celebrations. 0 0. Hessian snowflake Christmas tree skirt Lighting with electric lights (Christmas lights or, in the United Kingdom, fairy lights) is commonly done. Catherine S. Roskam of the Anglican Communion, has long had a ritual titled Blessing of a Christmas Tree, as well as Blessing of a Crèche, for use in the church and the home. [2][3] It acquired popularity beyond the Lutheran areas of Germany[2][4] and the Baltic governorates during the second half of the 19th century, at first among the upper classes. Q: What is the most frustrating thing about being a Christmas tree? Living Christmas trees can be purchased or rented from local market growers. Janota E. Lud i jego zwyczaje. [113] Tree-shaped objects made from such materials as cardboard,[121] glass,[122] ceramic or other materials can be found in use as tabletop decorations. [109], The life cycle of a Christmas tree from the seed to a 2-metre (7 ft) tree takes, depending on species and treatment in cultivation, between eight and twelve years. [94] In many areas, it has become customary to set up one's Christmas tree on Advent Sunday, the first day of the Advent season. [135] Smaller and younger trees may be replanted after each season, with the following year running up to the next Christmas allowing the tree to carry out further growth. Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg introduced the Christmas tree to Vienna in 1816, and the custom spread across Austria in the following years. [97] It is customary for Christians in many localities to remove their Christmas decorations on the last day of the twelve days of Christmastide that falls on 5 January—Epiphany Eve (Twelfth Night),[98] although those in other Christian countries remove them on Candlemas, the conclusion of the extended Christmas-Epiphany season (Epiphanytide). [95][96] Traditionally, however, Christmas trees were not brought in and decorated until the evening of Christmas Eve (24 December), the end of the Advent season and the start of the twelve days of Christmastide. Lv 5. How long will the footprints on the moon last? 1 decade ago. 'St. [125] However, trade groups such as the American Christmas Tree Association, continue to refute that artificial trees are more harmful to the environment, and maintain that the PVC used in Christmas trees has excellent recyclable properties. Find another word for decoration. [106] However, when done properly, replanting provides higher survival rates.[107]. Find more ways to say Christmas, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. [65], Several cities in the United States with German connections lay claim to that country's first Christmas tree: Windsor Locks, Connecticut, claims that a Hessian soldier put up a Christmas tree in 1777 while imprisoned at the Noden-Reed House,[67] while the "First Christmas Tree in America" is also claimed by Easton, Pennsylvania, where German settlers purportedly erected a Christmas tree in 1816. This very ancient custom, he said, exalts the value of life, as in winter what is evergreen becomes a sign of undying life, and it reminds Christians of the "tree of life" of Genesis 2:9, an image of Christ, the supreme gift of God to humanity. The use of lead stabilizer in Chinese imported trees has been an issue of concern among politicians and scientists over recent years. Almost all Christmas trees in the United States are grown on Christmas tree farms where they are cut after about ten years of growth and new trees planted. Godey's copied it exactly, except for the removal of the Queen's tiara and Prince Albert's moustache, to remake the engraving into an American scene. [64], The Christmas tree became very common in the United States of America in the early nineteenth century. Q: What is the most frustrating thing about being a Christmas tree? Relevance. Check out the latest related posts below. [152], Chrismon trees, which find their origin in the Lutheran Christian tradition though now used in many Christian denominations such as the Catholic Church and Methodist Church, are used to decorate churches during the liturgical season of Advent; during the period of Christmastide, Christian churches display the traditional Christmas tree in their sanctuaries. The custom was developed in medieval Livonia (present-day Estonia and Latvia), and in early modern Germany where German Protestant Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. A: Faux fir. President Jimmy Carter lit only the crowning star atop the tree in 1979 in honor of the Americans being held hostage in Iran. Another way to purchase a Christmas tree is online at Touch of the mountain's website. A striped Christmas treat. [79] The same was true in 1980, except the tree was fully lit for 417 seconds, one second for each day the hostages had been in captivity. [54] They had not yet spread down the social scale though, as a report from Berlin in 1858 contrasts the situation there where "Every family has its own" with that of Britain, where Christmas trees were still the preserve of the wealthy or the "romantic".[55]. The dense branches are evenly spaced along the trunk of this evergreen tree. I think Elana would suit best as … Q: What’s another name for an artificial Christmas tree? Michele Parkinson:. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? In the past, Christmas trees were often harvested from wild forests, but now almost all are commercially grown on tree farms. After the Protestant Reformation, such trees are seen in the houses of upper-class Protestant families as a counterpart to the Catholic Christmas cribs. Q: What was the Christmas tree’s favorite thing about Star Trek? Norfolk Island pine is sometimes used, particularly in Oceania, and in Australia, some species of the genera Casuarina and Allocasuarina are also occasionally used as Christmas trees. [116] Another type of artificial tree is the aluminum Christmas tree,[112] first manufactured in Chicago in 1958,[117] and later in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where the majority of the trees were produced. In 1842 a newspaper advert for Christmas trees makes clear their smart cachet, German origins and association with children and gift-giving. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Delicate mold-blown and painted colored glass Christmas ornaments were a specialty of the glass factories in the Thuringian Forest, especially in Lauscha in the late 19th century, and have since become a large industry, complete with famous-name designers. Baubles are another common decoration, consisting of small hollow glass or plastic spheres coated with a thin metallic layer to make them reflective, with a further coating of a thin pigmented polymer in order to provide coloration. Another way to purchase a Christmas tree is online at Touch of the mountain's website. An angel or star might be placed at the top of the tree to represent the Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem, respectively, from the Nativity. The most commonly used species are fir (Abies), which have the benefit of not shedding their needles when they dry out, as well as retaining good foliage color and scent; but species in other genera are also used. [42] Queen Victoria as a child was familiar with it and a tree was placed in her room every Christmas. In that same year, it was estimated that Americans spent $1.5 billion on Christmas trees. Find more ways to say tree, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. It acquired popularity beyond the Lutheran areas of Germany and the Baltic countriesduring the second half of the 1… 4 years ago. In more recent times, the decorations also included colored paper cutouts (wycinanki), wafers, cookies, and Christmas baubles. [7][8] Edible items such as gingerbread, chocolate, and other sweets are also popular and are tied to or hung from the tree's branches with ribbons. [46] On 2 January 1846 Elizabeth Fielding (née Fox Strangways) wrote from Laycock Abbey to William Henry Fox-Talbot: "Constance is extremely busy preparing the Bohemian Xmas Tree. In 1998, there were about 15,000 growers in America (a third of them "choose and cut" farms). [130][131][132] Real trees are carbon-neutral, they emit no more carbon dioxide by being cut down and disposed of than they absorb while growing. [119], Other trends have developed in the early 2000s as well. Something people send to eachother to say Merry Christmas. Christmas tree definition: A Christmas tree is a fir tree, or an artificial tree that looks like a fir tree, which... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Christmas tree, an evergreen tree, often a pine or a fir, decorated with lights and ornaments as a part of Christmas festivities. [32] The custom was partly revived in the 1970s and continues in some homes. [91], "Chrismon" (plural "Chrismons") was adopted for the type of Christmas decoration and explained as a portmanteau of "Christ-monogram" (a Christogram). In his diary, Matthew Zahm of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recorded the use of a Christmas tree in 1821, leading Lancaster to also lay claim to the first Christmas tree in America. A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer, such as a spruce, pine, or fir, or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas, originating in Germany. A later folk version of the story adds the detail that an evergreen tree grew in place of the felled oak, telling them about how its triangular shape reminds humanity of the Trinity and how it points to heaven.[26][27]. Christmas tree It turns out that a finial d’arbre is a type of Christmas tree ornament that sits atop the tree. A: They O-pine. [137] A professional study on the life-cycle assessment of both real and artificial Christmas trees revealed that one must use an artificial Christmas tree at least twenty years to leave an environmental footprint as small as the natural Christmas tree. [38], Although the tradition of decorating churches and homes with evergreens at Christmas was long established,[40] the custom of decorating an entire small tree was unknown in Britain until some two centuries ago. A: Having so many limbs and not being able to walk. [56] Anti-German sentiment after World War I briefly reduced their popularity[57] but the effect was short-lived,[58] and by the mid-1920s the use of Christmas trees had spread to all classes. Fraser fir is another tree that smells like Christmas.. Beginning in the mid-19th century, the tradition over time was almost completely replaced by the German practice of decorating a Christmas tree. [138], The Christmas tree was first recorded to be used by German Lutherans in the 16th century, with records indicating that a Christmas tree was placed in the Cathedral of Strasbourg in 1539, under the leadership of the Protestant Reformer, Martin Bucer. 1. ", "Chichilaki–Georgian version of Christmas tree", "Zwyczaje, obrzędy i tradycje w Polsce. 3. This transition from the guild hall to the bourgeois family homes in the Protestant parts of Germany ultimately gives rise to the modern tradition as it developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. Decorations, such as figurines of airplanes, bicycles, space rockets, cosmonauts, and characters of Russian fairy tales, were produced. First introduced by North American Lutherans in 1957,[86] the practice has rapidly spread to other Christian denominations,[87] including Anglicans,[88] But, by far, the most common tree is the Pinus radiata Monterey pine. The popularity of these decorations grew into the production of glass figures made by highly skilled artisans with clay molds. Your Christmas trees are too funny. Basil on 1 January. Apart from the Christmas tree, the non-German Christians suffer from a lack of a great many traits of German 'Gemütlichkeit'. The price is expected to hold steady for the next year.[105]. Others are produced in a container and sometimes as topiary for a porch or patio. According to the United States Department of Agriculture's agriculture census for 2007, 21,537 farms were producing conifers for the cut Christmas tree market in America, 5,717.09 square kilometres (1,412,724 acres) were planted in Christmas trees. [134] Some people use living Christmas or potted trees for several seasons, providing a longer life cycle for each tree. There were two large round tables on which were placed two trees hung with lights and sugar ornaments. An independent life-cycle assessment study, conducted by a firm of experts in sustainable development, states that a natural tree will generate 3.1 kg (6.8 lb) of greenhouse gases every year (based on purchasing 5 km (3.1 miles) from home) whereas the artificial tree will produce 48.3 kg (106 lb) over its lifetime. Another word for tree. Known for its similarities to the fraser fir and balsam fir, the canaan fir is referred to as … Christmas tree in Salerno old town, Italy, 2008. A "Chrismon tree" is a Christmas tree decorated with explicitly Christian symbols in white and gold. [9], Other sources have offered a connection between the symbolism of the first documented Christmas trees in Alsace around 1600 and the trees of pre-Christian traditions. A: The Captain’s log. Unique and unusual Christmas tree topper ideas that will fit any holiday theme, including Harry Potter Christmas tree toppers, custom tree toppers, and more. In the past, lead was often used as a stabilizer in PVC, but is now banned by Chinese laws. 12 synonyms for Christmas tree: Ceratopetalum gummiferum, Christmas bush, fire tree, flame tree, Nuytsia floribunda, Abies alba, European silver fir.... What are synonyms for The Christmas Tree? n. 1. Today, there is a wide variety of traditional and modern ornaments, such as garlands, baubles, tinsel, and candy canes. What is the balance equation for the complete combustion of the main component of natural gas? Most artificial trees are made of recycled PVC rigid sheets using tin stabilizer in the recent years. R. Swann, the teachers and children of St. Agnes', accompanied by those of St. Mary's, marched to the Parsonage of Rev. [29] The branches were decorated with apples, nuts, acorns, and stars made of straw. Yes, “Fraser fir” is another name you might recognize as a scent often captured by wintry candles. Australian tree or shrub with red flowers; often used in Christmas decoration. Holly – more specifically the European holly, Ilex aquifolium – is commonly referenced at Christmas time, and is often referred to by the name Christ's thorn. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Christmas tree on Minin and Pozharsky Square, 2018. 41–42, Rok karpacki: obrzędy doroczne w Karpatach polskich Urszula Janicka-Krzywda. In 1930, the U.S.-based Addis Brush Company created the first artificial Christmas tree made from brush bristles. A: The Captain’s log. [129] 3D Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament,2020 Personalized Survivor Family Of 3, 4, 5 Christmas 2020 Holiday Decorations DIY Name Blessing Resin Snowman Christmas Tree Hanging Pendant(Family of 5) 4.1 out of 5 stars 15 The crib and the tree: precious symbols, which hand down in time the true meaning of Christmas. [65] The republished Godey's image became the first widely circulated picture of a decorated evergreen Christmas tree in America.