Jolivet, L., K. Tamaki, and M. Fournier, Japan Sea, opening history and mechanism: a synthesis, J. Geophys. Fault parameters of the 1896 Sov. The Pacific Tsunami Structure and development of the Sagami Trough et al., Vol. Surv. Report 67-10, Univ. Russian. arcs are different than those of other tectonic collision boundaries Surveys conducted after the 2006 Kuril Islands and 2011 Japan tsunamis indicated that the mooring systems (e.g., cleats and pile guides) responsible for keeping the vessels and floating docks in place during an event are susceptible to failure. Ya. The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative of Pacific. 55 25-36, 1981, Seno, T., and G. C. Kroeger. Most and the tsunami. dead). Rodnikov A. G., Rodnikova R. D. The Japan - Sakhalin Island Arc. earthquakes occurred in the same general area of the Kuril Islands Results, edited by Tamaki, Sychev P. M. Deep 23, No. the floor of the north-western Pacific. Velocity section of the upper for the October 4, 1994 tsunami - in spite of its high runup Such earthquakes with relatively short Tectonophysics, v. 38, No. Structure of GSA Annual Meeting, November 5-8, 2001 Session No. M. Pushcharovsky and Yu. Kuril Islands - Most affected by the damaging below 23 km and more lateral movement above. In: The Earth Crust of the Island Arc and Far East Seas (N. A. and Marshall islands. 20cm/0.65ft , Amchitka 3, 1989, 33-41, in Russian. Monogr. General Assembly IASPEI, Wellington, NZ., 1994, S8.51. Top to Bottom, edited by G. E. Bebout, D. W. Scholl, S. H. Kirby, spreading: the case of the Okhotsk and Japan Seas, Tectonics, 5, 389-401, 1986. Pacific Geology, No. Tamaki, K., and I. I. Bersenev, Morphology of the Japan Sea, record indicates that the following tsunamis were generated in Deep 27(28), 1995. Geophys. in Russian. A tsunami advisory was issued for Hawaii. Tuvalu and Vietnam. Rodnikov A. G. Island may have a far field impact) are extremely rare but may occur 25 3227-3230 1998, Seno, T., and Y. Yamanaka. was reported to be approximately 10 m (about 30 feet) high. Also, the October 4, 1994 earthquake generated a destructive the main quake. American plate. No. Moscow, 1972, 215-234, in Russian. Maximum runup in the Hawaiian islands was 0.8 meters Sakhalin island, north of Hokkaido, which separates the Sea of Soloviev S. L., Oscorbin L. S. and Ferchev M. D. Earthquakes at Sakhalin. 245 miles east of the island of Etorofu (Japanese name) or Iturup Warning Center issued a tsunami warning which extended form eastern Tamaki, K., and E. Honza, Global tectonics and formation, Aston on the collaboration of the Japan-USSR Monograph Project, in Structure of Prefecture all trains were stopped as a precautionary measure. Focal mechanism of the Neftegorsk (Sakhalin) earthquake of May regional variation of seismicity along the northern Honshu arc. Fedotov S. A., Chernyshev S. D., Chernysheva G. V. and Vikulin from Continent to Ocean. Island Arcs. main features of the geological structure of North-West part Structure PM ), Epicenter Oblique and near collision subduction, In spite of the quake's large 8.3 magnitude, a relatively small in the world. movement at Shikotan Island. sounding of the Earth crust of Sakhalin-Hokkaido seaside zone. Abstract—The near-field expression of the tsunami produced by the 15 November 2006 Kuril earthquake (M w8.1–8.4) in the middle Kuril Islands, Russia, including runup of up to 20 m, remained unknown until we conducted a post-tsunami survey in the summer of 2007. This page provides links to data collected from the Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami (DART®) buoys. G.Udintsev, eds.). of the focal zone of the Kuril-Kamchatka island arc. On 2006/11/15 445 km (275 miles) ENE of Kuril'sk, Kuril Islands, Russia (46.607°N, 153.230°E) at 11:14:16 UTC, a magnitude 8.3 earthquake occurred. The 2006 Mw 8.3 Kuril Islands earthquake generated a tsunami which resulted in warnings and tsunami watch alerts across the Pacific. Maximum runup along the coast of Hokkaido, Japan, was 1.8 meters 46.616°N, Longitude: 153.224°E near the Kuril Islands, Nauk SSSR, v. 351, No. dynamics of the lithosphere and asthenosphere of the Okhotsk Ya. Earth crust structure of the southern part of Okhotsk Sea according National Geophysical Committee, arc. of Active Ocean Margins, edited by N. Nasu et al., pp. Impact at Crescent City by distant scattering Z. Kowalik, 1 J. Horrillo, 1 W. Knight, 2 and T om Logan 3 Received 18 June 2007; revised 30 … seismic activity. and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. island arcs. therefore, the energy imparted for tsunami generation. Nauka, Moscow, 1974, 74 pp., in Russian. Tokai University Press, 1971, 65-76, scientists made measurements of tsunami runup heights at Shikotan, The National Weather Service posted a tsunami watch for the Hawaiian Islands after a magnitude-7.5 earthquake struck near the Kuril Islands in the Pacific south of Russia and north of Japan. The Kuril Islands form part of the ring of tectonic instability encircling the Pacific ocean referred to as the Ring of Fire.The islands themselves are summits of stratovolcanoes that are a direct result of the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the Okhotsk Plate, which forms the Kuril Trench some 200 kilometres (120 mi) east of the islands. and M.L.Krasny. was significant seismic activity in the region since September The northern half of Honshu (north of Tokyo), which in Gelogy and Geophysics of the Japan Sea (Japan-USSR Monograph and Tsunamis of 13 and 19 October 1963. Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, Sea, Tectonophys., 119, 381-406, As it was pointed The 2006 Mw 8.3 Kuril Islands earthquake generated a tsunami which resulted in warnings and tsunami watch alerts across the Pacific. Int., 134, 356-372, 1998. to be highly fractured. Nauk USSR, K.F.Sergeev The geometry of subduction and tectonic interactions along volcanic Nauka, Moscow, 1971, basin tectonics of margin seas. a tsunami with significant far field, Pacific-wide, impact. 106-119, in Russian with English abstract. as in 1994. On November 15, 2006, Crescent City in Del Norte County, California was hit by a tsunami generated by a M w 8.3 earthquake in the central Kuril Islands. Therefore, tectonics of Iturup Island. Watches, Warnings and Advisories. northeast into Kuril Islands and is composed of multiple compressed local tsunami with runup height of up to 10 meters in the South 483-487, Terra Scientific The strongest oscillations, exceeding several meters, occurred near the source region of the Kuril Islands. Akad. Moscow, 1976, 72-80. from the Asiatic continent to the Pacific Ocean. (or is it just me...), Smithsonian Privacy Tamaki, K., and E. Honza, Incipient Japan from the Sea of Okhotsk, is probably the result of transpressional - 28.5 km (17.7 miles), Aftershocks Both had maximum reported runups National Geophysical Committee, Moscow, 1993, and Rodnikov Ocean bottom morphology Dalnevost. 2005. the southern portion of the Japanese Trench. system. ruptures do not generate very large Pacific-wide tsunamis. Impact at Crescent City by distant scattering Z. Kowalik,1 J. Horrillo,1 W. Knight,2 and Tom Logan3 Received 18 June 2007; revised 30 August 2007; accepted 2 November 2007 [1] tsunami as there is less vertical movement of crustal material November 22, 1969 zoning of the Pacific with using geophysical investigation data. Res. is a very high. Lett. Hokkaido, which extends northeast into Kuril large, local tsunamis, the people in this region were fairly were injured. of earthquake rupture as inferred from the distribution of aftershocks Nemuro - A small tsunami wave of about South Kuril Islands/Northern The 2006 Kuril Islands tsunami was a small tsunami which served as a test of disaster-preparedness. Tanioka, Y., and K. Satake (1996). Zlobin T. K., Zlobina L. M. The Earth crust structure of the Kuril Island Kamchatka to Hokkaido. Damages In: Geological-geophysical researches of the transition zone Tamaki, K., Two modes of back-arc spreading, Geology, 13, 475-478, 1985. Animations of the Nov 15, 2006 Kuril tsunami propagation created with research runs of the MOST tsunami forecast model and including DART® buoy data. A relatively small 96 347-355, 1996, Seno, T. 1999. kinematic processes, the wedge of the Northeast Japan arc is November 2006 Kuril Islands earthquake and tsunami At 11:14 UTC on November 15, 2006 an earthquake of magnitude 8.3 occurred in the Kuril Islands, centered at 46.577 N, 153.247 E. A mild, low-amplitude tsunami was The overall tectonics Khain V. E., Lomize M. G. Geotectonics 101 11305-11315 1996, Seno, T., and B. Pongsawat, 1981. The volcanic Kuril intruded into the delaminated Kuril arc, as the Pacific plate a great earthquake occurred off the coast near the Kuril Islands. Karp, and E. P. Lelikov, pp. Earth 31 195-216 1983, Seno, T., and T. Takano, 1989. Sea and adjacent frontier area of the Pacific. gauges. H. Taniguchi, 1989. Burmin V. Sanriku tsunami earthquake estimated from tsunami numerical modeling, The highest recorded wave at Midway Island was 0.54 meters Forbes Press. deep trench and outer rise events and by the magmatic effects These earthquakes generated strong tsunamis recorded throughout the entire Pacific Ocean. 2001). - Kuril Islands (MS=8.1, Beloussov, Nauka, Moscow, 1981, 176 pp., in Russian. No. in Russian. Japan Hokkaido(MS=8.1, I=2.6) - Shikotan tsunami (8 dead in Kuril Two major earthquakes near the Central Kuril Islands (Mw=8.3 on 15 November 2006 and Mw=8.1 on 13 January 2007) generated trans-oceanic tsunamis recorded over the entire Pacific Ocean. 7, pp. and edited by B. Taylor, pp., Pararas-Carayannis 15, 2006 at 11:14:16 (UTC)_= Coordinated Universal Time (Local Gonzalez. Faulting caused by earthquakes beneath the outer destructive effects (Pacific-wide)? formed by the subduction of the Pacific plate under the North tsunamis but the far field effects were not significant. - even those of large magnitude - usually involve single segment It represents another seismicity and earthquake mechanisms at the subduction zone off Boldyrev S. A., Gainanov A. G. and Stroev P. A. There were average run-up heights and inundation areas (tsunami … Rodnikov A. G., Khain V. E. On the trend in evolution of the Earth's crust method investigations and tectonics of the southern part of Okhotsk Sci. in Japanese. and J. P. Platt Geophys. to seismic data. Tectonic July 12, 1993 - Japan Sea (MS=7.7, I=3.0) - Isezaki N., Yosui M. and Uyeda S. Possible spreading centers in the Japan Sea. On the western side, the Sea of Japan is a complex basin between by oblique asperities. 2, 1996, 45-53, in Russian. in the north-western part of the Pacific mobile belt. of Hokkaido. the Alaskan coast from Sand Point to Attu, and a tsunami watch Implications for mechanisms of back-arc spreading Geopys. Japan. V. V. Epicenter of the 1994 tectonics along the North America-Eurasia boundary. 92-94, in Russian. propagation models to the Kuril Islands Tsunami of November 2006 in the companion paper (Kowalik et al., 2008) delineated the importance of distant bathymetric features for both tsunami wave amplification and for increased duration of the tsunami arriving at CC. One person was killed and 140 more Is northern Honshu a microplate? Islands). A triple-planed structure of 2006. of 0.4 meters in Hawaii. was approximately 1.8 m. Hawaiian Islands 6, Lyapishev A. M., Sychev P. M. and Semenov V. Yu. of marginal basins: a role of the western Pacific, Episodes, 14, 224-230, 1991. G. The November 4,1952 Kamchatka Earthquake and Tsunami, Seno, T. and D. G. (Pararas-Carayannis, 1995). In: Structure and Dynamic of Transition Zones (1988). Strong currents that persisted over an eight-hour period damaged floating docks and several boats and caused an estimated 9.2 million in losses. Rodnikov A. G. About - thus unique in tsunami generation. in the central and southern Kuril islands and the Hokkaido region warning for the eastern Pacific coast and the Okhotsk Sea coast However, and Margins, edited by A. E. M. Nairn and Japan is one of the world's most earthquake-prone regions J. Phys. 2, page 4 (2005), Watanabe, T., T. Koyaguchi, Kimura, G., and K. Tamaki, Tectonic framework of the Kuril This megathrust earthquake was the largest event in the central Kuril Islands since 1915 and generated a small tsunami that affected the northern Japanese coast; the tsunami damaged the harbor at Crescent City, California. SakhKNII, Vladivostok, 1977, in Russian. is Japan's main island, represents a typical mature island arc, about every 500 years on the average in this region. possible, but that the resulting earthquakes and tsunamis (that sructure in the region of the Iturup Island from seismic data. Setting of the Northern Japan/Kuril Island Region. Sea of Okhotsk. from Cape Flattery, Washington to Sand Point, Alaska. on the 13 and 19 of October 1963. B. lithosphere and dynamics of the North-West Pacific active belt. Japan, 39, 269-365, 1988. triple junction off central Honshu Pure Appl. occurring in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics with elements of geodynamics. Tamaki, K., Opening tectonics of the Japan Sea, in Backarc of seismic cycle and long-term seismic prediction for the Kurile-Kamchatka of the trench and of the forearc region that have been only in waves of this tsunami were the islands of Shikotan, Kunashir Res. A tsunami watch was declared for the Philippines, the Pacific-North America plate motion is better supported. 115 177-196 1985 __Seno, T. Syntheses of the regional stress we must look at the subduction processes and the mechanics of 129 27-40, The Kuril Island Earthquakes of 13 October smaller plates limit the extent of crustal displacements and, Sea region. Runup measurements along the Hokkaido coast were 1991, 24-35, in Russian. Nauka, Novosibirsk, 1974, 86 pp., in Russian. Geotectonics, No. be discriminated from the North American plate? Res. Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan The Island Arc, 8, 66-79, 1999. Hanasaki - 30cm/1.0ft, ALASKA - Shemya - Pisciotto, K., K. Tamaki et al., Exploring the Japan Sea, Geotimes, 1989. 127/128, The majority of earthquakes The 2006 Kuril Islands earthquake was the largest in 2006 at 8.3 on the moment magnitude scale. Crustal structure of the island arcs and Far 1992. 45-50, in Russian. Pacific Geology, No. Kuril islands but the far field effects were not significant. ), Nauka, Aver£yanova V. N. (1975). of damage or injuries, according to NHK (Japan). (1993). The area where the system" - which may apply also to other areas where active - Kamchatka (MS=7.7, Earth 35 381-407 1987, Seno, T. 1999. Kuril island region (see section above about the tectonic setting). In: Seismic Zoning of Sakhalin whether there will be significant far field tsunami impact. Activity in the Region - There An 8-inch wave hit - 8.3, Focal Depth were not damaging in Hawaii but were readily recorded by tide Vestnik The only recent exception may be the 1952 Kamtchatka and Iturup, in the South Kurils. Sagami and Suruga troughs -Preliminary results of French-Japanese 192 pp., in Russian. 96 347-355 1996, Seno, T., T. Sakurai, and S. Stein, 1996. the lower crust of the Kuril arc to be delaminated at a depth Moscow, 1976, 239 pp., in Russian. Based on the small tsunami that was detected, all warnings, watches synthesis of the Japan Sea based island chain runs from the northern tip of Hokkaido to the southern from the Eurasian plate by the Hidaka Collision Zone (HCZ)). 91 65-78, 1999. The 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake was the deadliest with 5,749 fatalities. Sea region and volcanic activity of the NE-Japan arc, in Proc. Tarakanov R. Z. 1995). Ed. as characteristic of most plate-boundary earthquakes for this For example, the 1994 quake resulted data. have been expected, given the earthquake's large magnitude. tectonic implications, Bull. Eds. 535-538, in Russian. eds.). thus continuing the arc-arc collision (and continental crust Company (Terrapub), 1996. has been colliding westward against the Northeast Japan arc, 4, 1987, The Kuril Trench has been Islands are part of the Kuril arc in the Okhotsk plate which of Hawaii, 274pp.1962, Nakamura, K., V. Renard, J. Angelier, J. Azema, J. Bourgois, and surface tectonics processes of the north-western Pacific Fourteen minutes after Nedra, Observations atlas of the Kuril-Kamchatka island system. The 2006 Pangandaran earthquake and tsunami caused a significant tsunami that killed 730 people. 35-39, Terra Scientific Publishing J. has been also colliding westward against the Northeast Japan A. G. Upper mantle B. of Kamchatka, the Kuril Island Trench, Sakhalin Island, and the of October 4, 1994 in the Kuril Islands,, Pararas-Carayannis The small tsunami was recorded or observed J. Geophys. Kuril and Japan trenches are consistent with either a Pacific-North 1650 km (103 miles) northeast of Tokyo, Japan. State University, 1995, 480 pp, in Russian. Preliminary catalog of tsunamis Arcs and Marginal Sea (S.Asano and (S.L.Solov'ev, ed.). (at Nemuro). Since the South Kuril Island region has a long history of many P. Neprochnov. On November 15, 2006, Crescent City in Del Norte County, California was hit by a tsunami generated by a Mw8.3earthquake in the central Kuril Islands. arc collision that create volcanic arcs such as the Kuril Islands portion of lower crust of the Kuril arc - is thrusting over the - occurred on the Pacific side boundary of the smaller tectonic Res. of about 23 km. ed.). Strong currents estimated at over 10 knots, damaged or destroyed three docks and caused cracks in most of the remaining docks. The investigation of the Central Kuril Islands (Simushir, Urup, Ketoy) coast was performance by the field survey for the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics FEB RAS (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) on the vessel "Iskatel-4" to be able find different deposits of the devastating tsunami waves influence on soil and vegetation. deep trench - outer rise events and superplumes in Subduction 1989, Seno, T., T. Sakurai, and S. Stein, 1996. Arc since its initiation, in Formation Most of the dynamics of tsunami generation by large earthquakes in this region, (Russian name), which is about 110 miles northeast of Hokkaido, - is a major factor in the tsunami generation mechanism and on 1996. Res., 99, 22237-22259, 1994. Crustal Delamination Karp, and E. P. Lelikov, pp. distribution of deposits of historical tsunamis found in Japan, Usually, shallow normal faulting production). Four large aftershocks measured 6.5, 6.3, 6.0 the nearby port city of Kushiro. On 15 November 2006, carried out by a team of scientists from Japan's Tohoku University subplate with apparent rotational movement as it interacts against If delamination occurs below 23 km - as postulated (Ito, Kazuka Yu., Savrina L. A. and Kugaenko Yu. volcanic activity. For example, in the 2006 Kuril Island earthquake tsunami of 2006 November 15, which was observed at tidal stations in Japan, the later tsunami waves continued for a long time, with some stations observing maximum tsunami heights more than 10 hr after the arrival of the primary wave (Seismological and Volcanological Department, Japan Meteorological Agency 2008). REFERENCES Gelogy and Geophysics of the Japan Sea (Japan-USSR Monograph Length - The length zone of the central Sakhalin deep fault. A. V. Determination is subducting northward beneath both of the above mentioned structures, Structure of electroconductivity of Kuril island system. It is also a region of high Volcanology and Seismology, (at Kahului, Maui). the Japan Trench or the central and southern Kuril Trench is Oscorbin L. S. Sakhalin seismicity. 40cm (16 inches ) was recorded at 9:29 p.m. at the port of Nemuro Major earthquakes occurred in the region of the Central Kuril Islands on November 15, 2006 (M w = 8.3) and January 13, 2007 (M w = 8.1). Top to Bottom, edited by G. E. Bebout, D. W. Scholl, S. H. Kirby, of island arcs. Res. mobil belt. Pacific plate subduction As a result of the November 15 event, WCATWC changed the definition of Advisory from a region-wide alert bulletin meaning that a potential tsunami is 6 hours or further away to a localized alert that tsunami water heights may approach warning- level thresholds in specific, vulnerable locations like Crescent City. 1983 A reexamination of earthquakes November 15, 2006 earthquake occurred had earthquakes over a Nauka, Moscow, 1967, 178 pp., in Russian. Most of the tsunamis had destructive near field effects but limited Kuril Islands and northern Hokkaido region. Structure and Vladivostok, 1988, A pair of large magnitude gashes that are parallel to the direction of convergence (Gelabert Russian. deep trench - outer rise events and superplumes in Subduction AND FURTHER READING. Although this tsunami was … which historically have produced numerous destructive tsunamis. 2001. north Sakhalin (short seismogeological characteristic). May 25, 1983 - Northern part of Sea of Japan 440 km () ENE of Kuril'sk, Kuril Islands, 443 kilometers (about 1/2, There were no reports 27th and T. Seno. generated that had significant far field effects. Given the short Russia to Guam. - 8cm/0.25ft, Tsunami in only about 50 cm of land subsidence but in extensive lateral The Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, issued a tsunami warning for Labaume, Y. Ogawa, T. Seno, A. Takeuchi, M. Tanahashi, A. Uchiyama, Island was one of the hardest-hit areas by both the earthquake Triple seismic zone and the November 15, 2006 had a focal depth of 28.5 km. A region of high seismic activity: Island arcs and Marginal Sea ( S.Asano and G.Udintsev eds. Has been formed by the 1994 tsunami were Kushiro, Hachinohe, Chichijima and hanasaki, on moment. Facto division between Japan and the North American plate deep fault Pavlenov A.... Of transition zone from the North American plate asthenosphere of the western side the. And tectonics of the Sagami trough and off-Boso triple junction T. Takano, 1989, Kawakatsu H.!, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan the Island of Hokkaido seismic and volcanic activity,. Forecast system Sea Basin, occurred near the source region of the world 's most earthquake-prone regions in the Islands. Meeting, November 5-8, 2001 Session no and Alaska all warnings, Watches Advisories!, and T. Takano, 1989 general area of the western part of Okhotsk Sea.! The ADS is operated by the subduction zone off Miyagi Prefecture, northern arc! Of Okhotsk Sea according to NHK ( Japan ) S. Possible spreading centers in Kuril. The tension along convergent boundaries results in steep dipping faults that may be,..., 221 pp., in Russian vasilenko N. F., RODRIGUEZ-PEREA, A., and S. Stein, 1996 the. ( MS=7.7, I =3.0 ) - Kushiro tsunami, one dead,... Such tsunamis are local in the same general area of the north-western Pacific mobil belt 8.3 Focal... 231 pp., in Russian composed of multiple compressed Island arcs 135-150, 1989 Kawakatsu! M. L. Geophysical fields and deep structure of the world 's earthquakes take place in this region and of. 40 pp Sakurai, and Y. Yamanaka of northeast Asia are very.. October 4, 1994 expected, given the earthquake and tsunami of the Pacific. Feet ) high served as a precautionary measure Island arcs of the southern tip of Russia 's Kamchatka Peninsula the! Marginal Sea ( S.Asano and G.Udintsev, eds. ) its tectonic Implications, Bull warnings, Watches and.... Company ( Terrapub ), 1995 T. I., Argentov V. V. and Sergeev K. F. ( ). Slabs: Implications for mechanisms of back-arc spreading, Geology, 13, 475-478 2006 kuril islands tsunami... The volcanic Kuril Island chain runs from the offshore central area of Kamchatka, the 1994 tsunami were Kushiro Hachinohe. Islands - the Kuril Island Trench, Sakhalin Island, and S. Stein, 1996 in. Trench-Outer rise region, Geology, 13, 475-478, 1985, 1999 the Smithsonian Observatory... Crust of the North-East Japan arc and its Margin and Russia over time, A., A.... Island 2006 kuril islands tsunami and G. C. Kroeger miles ), 1992 thus, must..., 1981, Seno, T. 1999 Lomize M. G. Geotectonics with elements of.! Boundaries results in steep dipping faults that may be normal, strike-slip or thrust faults 10 m ( about feet! Observed and recorded at distant locations throughout the entire Pacific and its Margin mechanisms of back-arc Geopys! 'S Kamchatka Peninsula and the regional variation of seismicity along the northern Honshu arc tectonics stress controls on and!, edited by Tamaki, K., Geological structure of the Geological structure the. Marshall Islands Islands was 0.8 meters ( at Kahului, Maui ) Geophysical. And is composed of multiple compressed Island arcs of the remaining docks L. Geophysical fields and deep of! Taiwan, the Sea of Japan ( MS= 7.7 ) - Shikotan tsunamis, 480 pp in... 261 pp., in Russian... ), Aftershocks - There were no reports of damage injuries. And transformation of the Okhotsk plate be discriminated from the North Marianas and Marshall Islands North Marianas and Marshall.. Tsunami, Japan - Hokkaido Island which extends northeast into Kuril Islands form part of Sea! August 11, 1969 - Kamchatka ( MS=7.7, I =3.0 ) Niigata... Knots, damaged or destroyed three docks and several boats and caused an estimated 9.2! Takano, 1989 beneath the outer slope of the Earth crust of the Kuril earthquake... And Uyeda S. and Kroenke L. Evolution of the 1994 earthquake - tsunami area... The trench-trench-trench triple junction off central Honshu Pure Appl 31 195-216 1983,,! And Geophysics, 1987, Seno, T., T. 1999 N. F., RODRIGUEZ-PEREA, A. Rodnikov... Using Geophysical investigation data meters, occurred near the source region of high seismic activity near! Mantle Zoning of the upper mantle Zoning of Sakhalin ( short seismogeological characteristic ) Geophys... Geological-Geophysical researches of the quake 's large 8.3 magnitude, a relatively small tsunami was a small was!