Mechanical Engineering Homepage. Professor: Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences; Materials Science and Engineering. Also, if you love learning more technical information on a specific material, there are careers for you – maybe its in academia (after a masters or PhD) or a job at a national lab, etc. Talk to as many professors as possible about the things that they are researching, stay up to date about trends in the field, try as many things as possible- join an acapella group, go to as many sports games (not only football), enjoy the all-nighters in the Dude, and keep pushing forward. He developed and led the social media practice for Translation, with such brands as State Farm, Bud Light, McDonald’s, & the Brooklyn Nets. [email protected] Look at your 4-5 years at Michigan as a world of unlimited possibilities. Using my problem-solving skills, I aim to understand how each part of the system works from the smallest level to the largest. University of Michigan, MSE Electrical Engineering Systems, 1996. [email protected] (734) 764-6888. Co-founded by Prof. Edwin Olson, Alisyn Malek (BS Mech Eng and German, 2008; MSE Energy Sys Eng 2012), and Steve Vozar (BSE MSE PhD Mech Eng 2008, 2009, 2013). In the earliest years, the company scraped along doing consulting and minor development work for a very small number of clients, and I was the only full-time team member. Use internships/summer positions as a way to experience different work environments, industries, and really understand what career path interests you the most. Subscribe to The Michigan Engineer newsletter! I was uniquely able to do this because over the years I was curious to learn from others and took any opportunity to expand my knowledge. Ensure that relevant learning and experience, even back to high school, is part of that trajectory. Fax: (734) 936-8820. [email protected] It really helped me to lay a solid foundation for my further PhD study. Aerospace PhD pre-candidate Shayan Jalili is one of the few students in the nation awarded the 2020 NASA fellowship for his work on safety verification of cyber-physical systems, which is the formal verification of the safety of software systems that control physical and mechanical devices. The best materials engineers I know are comfortable with laboratories and materials characterization equipment. Marcus has also supervised the direction and growth of major accounts for Big Fuel Communications, a social media and branded content Agency, where he worked with companies like Microsoft, GORE-TEX®, Colgate-Palmolive, and Fisher Price. Discover the value of a master’s degree! 10/23/2018. That means MSE is the foundation of every other engineering discipline. 2017 Alan … Bartolo, Robert E. ... Materials Science and Engineering Maryland Energy Innovation Institute. U.S. citizens and permanent U.S. resident students may The winner is recognized at the annual CoE faculty honors dinner dance. My company, Warmilu, is a non-electric warming technology and soft goods manufacturing company. > Faculty > Core Faculty > Michael Atzmon. Arnold Lab. Quantum Signal. you can be part of industries which require your expertise in areas like the automotive industry (designing the next electric motor), next-generation electronics and computers (making them faster, smarter, smaller), information technology and data science (improving medical imaging, finding the source of disease outbreaks), energy and sustainability (incorporating sustainable energy into the grid, designing more efficient lighting and solar cells), robotics and autonomous systems (improving the movement of walking, manipulating, flying robots and their vision), medical technology (devices for personalized health) and space research (remote sensing from Space) to name a few. Lecturer: MSE, Computer Science and Engineering. Michigan Materials Society. This diversity gives you a lot of freedom in your career choices. Electrical Engineering has evolved to include Electronic – I believe we are living in a renaissance of Electronics. RESEARCH INTERESTS: Current research interests range from the molecular dynamics of mechanical relaxation of polymers to the high-speed, low-cost manufacturing of fiber composite structures and includes fracture processes in polymers and composites and failure analysis. The field of materials science and engineering is incredibly broad with many avenues for exploration. For fun, I run (5K, 10K, half marathons), read, sing in a choir, explore science and art museums, eat sushi, paint, listen to productivity/economic/science podcasts, evaluate new productivity tools, cook and bake brand new things for breakfast and dinner, work on wood projects like a pallet coffee table, and watch Broadway in Detroit shows. Moving to a new state there is so much to explore. 3110B Kim Eng. Everything we make, we make out of materials. [email protected] My degrees in MSE gave me the foundation upon which I built my career in organic coatings. Add us on Snapchat! Arruda, Ellen. Bartolo, Robert E. Assistant Research Scientist. The professors in the department pushed us to fully understand the basics: casting, rolling, metallography, testing, etc. That experience led to another internship and working full time in the aerospace industry, which were great learning opportunities. The MSE program does not include an option for a thesis per se; however, through AEROSP 590 , students can perform research work in close supervision of a faculty member and investigate a problem of common interest, resulting in a paper of publishable quality, if they so choose. [email protected] Kim, Jinsang | Faculty Director of the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Program, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemistry. Software Developer and Consultant. Effective communication is critical to success. Brendon Baker, Ph.D. … The master’s degree requires 30 credit hours and is intended for the student with a technical undergraduate degree who: A longtime hobbyist, Austin began professional game development in 2014 as a Gameplay Engineer on The Sims 4, the top – selling computer game of 2015. $9M+ spent on research in 2019 . Working with team members that have experience from prior lives has also been helpful, and I am deeply appreciative of what I have and will continue to, learn from them. I began my career as a Metallurgical Engineer for Radian Corporation performing metallurgical failure analyses for the subsidiary of a commercial insurance carrier. My most invaluable experiences were studying abroad to Kumasi, Ghana (2013) and Chaing Mai, Thailand (2015). I particularly valued the mentoring relationship I had with Dr. Richard Flinn. Monica Jones | Faculty Assistant Research Scientist, Biosciences. Michigan Engineering aspires to be the world’s preeminent college of engineering serving the common good. Engage in interdisciplinary research and projects with a diverse cohort of peers from other top ranked units across the University of Michigan campus. For Beyoncé Knowles (yes, BEYONCÉ), Marcus conceived, launched, and supervised all online, mobile, and interactive brand initiatives for the management company and record label home of Beyoncé. Computer Science and Engineering MSE | MS, Construction Engineering and Management MEng, Construction Engineering and Management MSE, Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering MEng, Macromolecular Science and Engineering MSE, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering MSE, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences MSE, Computer and Information Research Scientists, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Telecommunications Engineering Specialists, Electric Power/Energy: Renewable Generation, Vehicle Electrification, Navigational, Measuring, Control, and Electromedical Instruments Manufacturing, Semiconductor and Electronic Components Industry. Babak was with Google from 2010 to 2014, eventually becoming a Director at Google [X] and a Distinguished Engineer prior to moving to Amazon, where he has been with Amazon since 2014 as a Vice President. 734-936-4681. Over the coming years, we will focus on three pillars of excellence – research, education and culture – pushing ourselves to be innovative, daring and forward-thinking in our service to society. Read full bio. Give to IOE » The grant will be awarded to a U-M Engineering Faculty member interested in leading an activity to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within the U-M Engineering departments and division. You will gain the knowledge (and responsibility) to apply your skills for good. As a graduate student, I particularly enjoyed my Mechanical Properties of Polymers class taught by Prof. Yee. John J. McKetta, Jr. BSE ChE ’43, MS ChE ’44, PhD ChE ’46 2013 Profile Jouha Min. © The Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA. (ECRC 2017-2018 Annual Report). Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2117. The ECE SUGS program was created to offer our best students an opportunity to complete the master’s requirements as part of a seamless program of five years at Michigan. Faculty Accomplishment Awards. A single recipient is chosen every year by the department chair. 1205 Beal Avenue. Edward H. Kraus Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. The MSE Department Outstanding Accomplishment Award is presented annually to a faculty member for their stellar performance in materials research and teaching and service to the department. Prof. Ferdinand Poudeu, 2126 HH Dow, (734) 763-8346, [email protected] Ms. Renee Hilgendorf, 3062D G.G. I am studying the healthcare system and how the Second Law of Thermodynamics applies to the chaos in the field. Career Summary. 734-764-8557 . My time at Michigan in the MSE Department was invaluable. [email protected] [email protected] The student-led group hosted a weekly speaker series that was an amazing window into the real world of MSE and a chance to network with alumni. Even now, when I attend annual materials conferences such as TMS, it’s great to catch up with my Michigan and MIT friends who I have known since school. I was able to approach problems in a way that other coating scientists were not, and it allowed me to make progress on difficult problems. Then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University from 2001 to 2003 and became a faculty member at the University of Washington. Snapchat. Explore: Alumni Campus & Community Giving Materials Science and Engineering Donors Gifts. All three of these organizations were filled with fantastic students, faculty, and staff. For more information pertaining to the DEI Faculty Grant, please review the ), and the Fall Engineering Career Fairs – I loved everything about Career Fair season and was on the planning committee (chair or director) for 3 years. [email protected] . Education: California Institute of Technology PhD Applied Physics ’85. Give to IOE » View profile. My career path has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse set of people across a variety of different space projects and missions, which helps continually challenge me to be a better engineer. Georgia Institute of Technology. Learn from my mistake. Tumblr. My career started by working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I held an internship between my undergraduate and graduate years, which turned into a full-time position when I graduated from Michigan. The Fall 2020 online newsletter takes a close look at the department’s “Shaping Resource Flows” strategic direction and highlights impactful research and … Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2102 Take advantage of all the opportunities at Michigan to explore your interests. Society of Women Engineers (SWE) – I loved the variety of events, things they did on campus and in the community, and the friends I made there. Favorite Events: Enginfest – which became Springfest. In graduate school, I’ve been involved in the graduate section of the Society of Women Engineers and the Materials Science and Engineering outreach programs. Widen your aperture as you go through your course work. During my first capstone class, my group decided to focus on The Flint Water Crisis where we designed a potential filtration system that would enable the state to dynamically monitor the water that is distributed to individuals and posted on a public database in real time to provide better transparency. Faculty Asst Research Scientist. If you have ever wondered what the things around us are made of, or want to learn more about how to make materials stronger, lighter, or enable new engineering designs, this is the degree for you! Go Blue! We primarily make infant US-patented, non-electric warming incubator blankets and packs that warm babies- 7,200 babies served by 30 hospitals in 11 developing countries- with partners including Doctors Without Borders or UCSF Global Programs in Research and Training. Menlo Innovations. View profile. If I were to provide really solid advice it is this: dig deep into your engineering education and commit, give it 150%, don’t squander that which is a resource you cannot buy more of (time), and most importantly, have fun!!! 1221 Beal Avenue I moved from Ethiopia to Ann Arbor to attend the MS program at University of Michigan. Individualized plans of study will be developed by students in consultation with an advisor. Close . That same first job interview required me to give a presentation to the interviewing team.